Will the D55L become the ctrl + alt + del for the X50?

2021 is getting hot... not only because it's CNY and its the period when for some astronomical reason the weather just gets burning hot out there but also cause some very interesting cars are coming out this year. The D55L is one of the most highly awaited cars for a good reason... For a man like me almost going into my 40s and still in the rat race of life.... this can be a great alternative to every favourite soccer mum SUV and father weiner downer - the great 7 seater SUV.... Aruz.

The D55L is based off the Daihatsu Rocky which in interior size wise is slightly larger than the current new Myvi. The looks are stunning tho (although there is a bit of a celup sikit from land rover which isn't necessarily a bad thing and it is clear everyone does it so why not...

Look at it! Imagine u driving this car up to cameron highlands so u can snap a similar pic with your girlfriend/wife and look like u have made it in life!

It is a sure looker and it will definately be cheaper than the X50. Making it a possible hit among Malaysians especially those who own Myvi and want to upgrade but still stick with the little deer mouse fatter brother that can. The compact SUV is along the lines of the older Produa models like the Kembara and the Nautica which both were completely silly names for cars which seem to have lost its way and never found anymore on Malaysian roads. I believe perodua sold barely 200 nauticas... which is an epic fail for the no.1 car brand that will always be no.2 in Tun M eyes :P

but who cares... look at it... it is pretty!

Lets hope Perodua stop coming out with stupid names for their cars and follow dawei of Proton... or maybe call it hamster... since Top gear said "It’s as dinky and inoffensive as most domestic hamsters" but ignore them those bodo punya matsalleh... don't get that this car is ment for the booming SEA market that everyone and their grandmothers is looking to buy an SUV... the status symbol for the booming middle class.

Not all is good tho... because... I do have some issues with it mainly the dashboard digital info screen...

I hope Produa looks at it and go ammenda ni? cause that dial in that pseudo 3d look to make it look happening but completely unnecessary design is very distracting. Common little dear mouse go tell ur Japanese overlords to fix that...

On a plus side as well they really have gone quite fairly all out (by malaysian standards) in terms of safety spotting a 5 Star JNCAP rating which is great. And we hope they do not downgrade it once it comes here. Which is the typical thing they do to play the price game.

Check out the scenes you don't want to be in but good to know they got your safety in mind.

Something that is nice to see but not to be experienced... PSA for malaysians buckle ur kids or put them in child seats or no matter how many safety features they are that kid will be a rag doll thrown thru the glass window.

The rumor has it the car is now under production at their factories but as of this article being written there is no expected release date yet for the car. There is some blogs out there calling it for March to be the release date but with covid being that annoying toxic person just can't get rid off... who knows when it will come out. I am probably going to make the call that it will be released after raya. As it is not that far now till puasa and generally most car brands do no release new cars during festive periods as it will affect their sale to sell their other car inventory that is taking up space. If anything likely it will go on preorder just before Raya with road shows during puasa and prob goes on sale late May/June... if I call it right. Detailing is on me for my car! Talking about detailing. Don't forget you should always coat your brand new car, and with HIVE you are never far away from a HIVE Partner Detailer.

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