What Is Car Wax And Why Are There Different Type And How Often To Wax?

Updated: Feb 22

If you aren't already a car person, you would probably only here about just the bits and bobs of car wax once in a while. However, when you bring your car to a detailing shop, you might have some occasions where the detailers recommend to have your car waxed. This helps to protect your paint for the long run and not rack up the restoration cost for long term damage.

What is Car Wax?

Just like how it works on apple, generally that's how wax would work on cars; for protection. When debris sticks to your paint, it can create a deposit which chips off over time. Wax prevents this from happening by acting as a barrier and makes it harder for debris to deposit. In rainy season, the wax repels water and prevents water marks. Aside from that, it also helps enhance the look of your car by giving a shinier look by filling in the scratches on the clear coat. And with consistency, you'll have your car looking like it has never aged a day. Imagine how great it's going to feel driving that around. 🤩

Different Car Wax

Liquid Wax

This is probably THE one wax that you see almost everywhere. If you have ever seen your detailer use a squeeze bottle, then you were probably looking at liquid wax. Liquid waxes are much gentler on your car’s finish compared to paste wax. It's also easier to be applied and buffed off. It is arguably the best wax for a glossier finish that is more durable.

Paste Wax

Paste wax often requires much more effort than liquid wax to buff off. If your car paint has experienced some damage such as corrosion, it's a much better choice to use paste wax. When buffing off paste wax, the abrasive components and the physical effort helps scrub off any surface level dirt-embedded paint and can act as a temporary filler if your paint has completely chipped off.

Spray Wax

If you car is new and you just need something fast, then spray wax your be the way to go. Unlike liquid and paste wax, spray waxes are typically not abrasive. But it comes at a price, it does not last as long as liquid wax.

Colored Wax

These are usually used as fillers just in case you have scratches that as went past the clear coat. However, clear coat these days are extremely resilient so if you have scratches, it is probably an indication that needs more than what color wax can do.

How Long Does It Last?

Environmental Factors

Just like it works for car wash, exposure to rain, dirt, pollution, sea salt and those of the same likes can wear off your car wax faster. Generally, a car that is kept under a car cover or in a covered garage will have their wax last longer. But just because inevitable environmental factors wears off the wax does not mean that it's better to save cost and not have any wax on, especially during this rainy season.

Washing Frequency

It is advisable to have your car washed every week or fortnight, because eventually, dirt can still deposit on your car paint if not taken care of regularly. The wax wears off with each wash so do plan your wash and wax properly to have your car paint at its best condition.






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