We hit a minor snag

In our excitement to launch we hit a few snags along the way. And we will be delaying the app launch by a week to fix a number of issues (apps man... we need to keep spraying that ridsect to kill of them bugs) so u get a clean beautiful experience from day one. As well as to complete the merchant migration to the merchant app, with this one week delay we can ensure that users will get a better experience from Day 1 of the launch. I mean we need you to start washing your cars soon mine is starting to look like this:

There was some unforeseen issues which we have now pretty much addressed. And HIVE would like to apologize for this. Reminds me of this incident: When DisneyLand first open. (but of course ours not so chronic lah :D)

With that said HIVE will be sharing our rollout plan for the soft launch starting March 22nd. App will be open to download on Monday 22nd of March. We will be giving out 1000 free car washes which you can redeem by downloading the App and can be used at ANY of our 40 Car Detailers. As a i'm sorry we Fxxk up gift.

At launch you can also purchase various deals from all 40 of our Merchants on the app. From waxing to coating and everything in between HIVE APP Asia has got you covered. So please register your email with us in HIVE Cause those 1000 free car washes I predict will be gone in less than a day. And all our email subscribers will get the code first before we release it out to the masses. So please register on our website. Again from HIVE we apologize for the delay.

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