We are looking out for Car Clubs

As part of our launch preparations we are looking for car clubs. The same petrol heads that will drive 300km for nasi kandar and drive back. The ones whom are so in love with their cars that they consider it their child/wife/husband/their precious. "if cars can talk... It would probably say this to car club enthusiast."

So what will you get if you do partner with Hive as car clubs? Well lets put it upfront here... kami startup... startup yang have more dreams than cash... and we want to grow fast. So we want your members to join our app. In return we can offer some happening deals and partnerships for your cars.

This partnership will be in the form of free carwashes for ALL OF YOU, detailing discounts, and sponsorship for your events (belanja teh tarik boleh kira sponsorship kan?)

Also SWAG! we got a happening designer that will make all your SWAG more sexy than a 1970 Lamborghini Miura... (admin punya dream kar)

We are looking for all big and small car clubs, as long as you are registered under the ROS and legit. Basically we are looking for family that will cheer and support each other for the long term, and build a tight knit bond that will make Vin Diesel go Unleaded.

If you are interested just send us a email at inquiry@hiveapp.asia and we will be in contact with yall soon.

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