The Last Mile

It has been a long time coming but our app is now going thru the app approval process. Last week has been quite an eventful one. The team regroup at the HIVE HQ over the weekend. Due to the need to ensure that "die die" it must be ready for app store this week and that meant a lot of hours working with the dev team to fix and ensure everything goes smoothly.

And when we say "office" it is basically a space with no lights, no aircon, and basically a concrete room. But that did not stop the team, going thru one journey after another to keep squishing each bug we found.

If there is a photo that we should put in our office is this photo, as that is a reminder that we went full 100% bootstrapping keeping up to our mantra. "we have more dreams than our bank accounts combined."

Also we would like to shout out to our family friends and our kids whom has also sacrifice their time and energy and patience while this 5 men go thru their mid life crisis of wanting to take a shot at their dreams for one last chance. To the mums whom sat in the car while the founder cheer us on, to the mums looking after the kids each weekend alone as their man go build on those dreams. Also to the friends who has encourage us with words of encouragement. Thank You very much for believing in this fools mans dreams

We took some photos thru the night this was some of the better ones, cause tangan dah menggigil cause it was too late di for this old folks. And it was actually rather dark at night with only one ikea lamp lighting the place.

This week also sees us getting our 21st HIVE partner store. Securing HIVE services from as far as Seremban to Batu Caves. We thank you for their trust in our app and we will work harder for our merchants to secure new clients and expand our offerings to better meet our merchants demands. We are still recruiting merchants if you wish to join us go to our website:

We also hit our goal for our prelaunch stage 500 likes for our Facebook page which is barely a month old. This will help us move up and build on this incredible support for HIVE. As we transition to our soft launch we will be focusing on car groups and other social media groups to pull more attention thru deals and vouchers and most importantly SWAG.

Also its not too late to join HIVE App first contest. Its super simple just subscribe to our mailing list and stand to win one of 3 car wax sponsored by Brillare Auto Spa. Contest ends tomorrow midnight so there is still time to join!

That is all from the HIVE team for our company update. We hope you still keep supporting us, praying for us and share about us to everyone.

Till another time.


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