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Pros and Cons of Car Wax

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

Waxing your car will protect the clear coat from wear and tear. However, with every other car detailing service, it has it's pros and cons and is far from being permanent. Here are a few factors to consider before booking your next waxing service.

Pros of Car Wax

Protects against the sun

UV light in the sun’s rays can catalyze the oxidation process and cause the car's paint to fade quickly. Oxidation is what makes the car paint looks matte and dulled. The layer of wax will help protect the paint from sun damage, making it last longer and looks newer.

Makes your car look shiny

A that is regularly cared for and waxed will look like as if it was straight out of the showroom with an absolute glossy shine. A smooth outer layer reflects light better, making it look shinier. Depending on the type of wax you use, the car shine will look different. For example, Carnauba wax will give a deeper shine and better finish but does not last as long.

Causes water to bead and runoff

Water droplets will bead and run off on waxed cars. The polar molecules on water will not adhere well to the non-polar wax layer, causing water to run off.

Protects your car against light scratches

Light scratches can be caused by something little that is unnoticeable such as your zip rubbing against your car. These scratches will build up over time but it's nothing a good wax layer can't fix since it is just a scratch on the clear coat rather than the actual car paint.

Makes your car easier to clean

Smooth surface makes it hard for dirt to cling and stick to the car. When it's harder for dirt to cling on, it lowers the chances of dirt from embedding into the surface. This make the car less likely to get dirty and also easier to wash as the dirt hasn’t formed strong bond with the surface. With a proper car shampoo, washing your car will not actually strip off your car paint.

Cons of Car Wax

Proper car wash required to maintain the wax

To ensure that the protective layer of wax doesn’t get washed away with dirt, you will always have to use pH-neutral car shampoo for car washing purposes.

Water beading can cause water spots

As much as water beading is favorable by some, the process of water beading leads to water sitting on the surface and cause water spots. In the event that the water is even slightly dirty from dust particles, it has the capacity to eat away the clear coat which then requires buffing to get out. This problem can be easily overcome by drying your vehicle regularly. However, drying comes with other problems like scratches and more.

A time consuming process

Applying wax correctly takes time. The car should be waxed by sections with adequate buffing required to get maximum effect of the wax. A smaller car could take about an hour to wax, whereas a larger vehicle could take up to 2-3 hours. This does not include the cleaning and any polish applied beforehand. The process can be sped up by using a dual action buffer, but this requires some extra outlay and may not be for beginners.

Does not cover up larger scratches

Although wax can cover up minor blemishes and light scratches, for covering some scratches you’ll need to use a polish instead. A scratch that went past the clear coat would require a specialist's attention.

Wax services are not cheap

Considering how time consuming the waxing process is and all the steps needed beforehand, you could be paying your detailer on average RM130 to wax your car. There are cheaper options such as spray wax, which is somewhere on the RM30 range, but that being said, spray wax are not built to last long.


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