Our One Week

Our week has been quite insane to say the least, but it has been rewarding, behind the scenes the team has been busy ironing out the bugs and ensuring we close up any loop holes if the "creative kind" tries to exploit the app. Our main developer Duan has barely slept in the last week with three UAT is the span of 7 days. We are all right now working on fumes but energized by that passion. Each of us pushing the other on.

I suppose our developers feel like this girl right now.

We got the first of the merchant SWAG kit out which is the caps. This swanky cap that our partners have been wearing. This will help our customers identify with HIVE when they walk into the car detailing shops. As well as looking rather dashing cool. And also our coming T-Shirts for the team. Do check it out:

We also have been very busy on boarding our merchants whom are scattered all over Klang Valley thankfully our team is fairly scattered so we have been onboarding those within our limits. Which means we still have a lot more merchants to meet which we cant at the moment because of the MCO. Just look at this map of where hive is expending to by end of Febuary you will see 40 more merchants on this map!

The reception has been great so far with more merchants signing on. Most sharing their stress and worries with the belief that HIVE can come in to support them in sales and marketing. We manage to take a pic of a local celebrity too. The famous uncle kentang known for his charity work.

Lastly we also have been busy with the office... yes office no more working on the dining table and floor. We got a friend of mine to do up the office... with the only brief being we got no money :D Remember we got more dreams than our wallets.

Look at him go! (before we told him the no budget)

So when my talented friend Helmi came to our future office thinking its a big project he probably look like bart here:

But being a friend of over 25 years he knew he had to deliver and check out our front facade:

Cun kan! even though inside tu is kosong la. But it is ok, we need a base to work from and this will be our merchant engagement centre where we help onboard, train and also our day to day office space. Inshallah things will keep going our way. Do pray for us too cause we can use some blessings as we try to achieve our dreams. From the HIVE team, I would like to say thankyou for reading this far. And lets see what happens in this coming week.

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