Hustling and Got A Coke For It.

Last Sunday the HIVE team were on ground doing the Art of Speed Carboot sale. The team's goal was to get customers to download the app and to redeem the 1000 free car washes... and if you are reading this and have not you should take advantage of this since we already park our ASB money to do this. We been reading up on how to be successful and apparently getting your first 1000 by hustling is the key to success according to this article: So with that knowledge from the internet we have set our plans into motion lets do 3000 users! Our efforts are split between on ground events like the car boot sale. And also activating our growing network of car detailers to be our brand ambassadors... I mean this are the guys who got you to spend a few hundred more when you actually wanted to just do a RM15 car wash. (greatest salesmen are the detailer boys). But back to our Car Boot event we manage to nab a couple of hundred users from that activation and here is some photos to show for it.

Awesome right.

What was even more awesome our combined efforts got us our first sales. Like real sales! and after we took our cut we got our first returns... and after splitting it we all got a nice coke. NEVER HAS COKE tastes so good.

never has this tasted so goooood.

Till then its goodbye to everyone. Keep supporting the app as we push it to greater heights together as one.

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