We are proud to announce that HIVE App Asia is partnering with TEVO Creations. A local company like us but masters of chemistry wizardry. So why would a car detailing app like us would tie up with people whom are the masters of chemistry, engineering, and even nano technology?

That is because they are also one of the leading detailing product brand in the market. They have made it everywhere around the world and has made our country proud! They not only bring value and quality but also their R&D is done here in Malaysia! And we are proud malaysians here in HIVE so we knew we should support them and work as hard as we can to make them known to Malaysians.

We were so eager to sign them up the team drove up to penang overnight just to meet them the next morning at their offices. That is the HIVE commitment. And how we value our friends. WE EVEN SKIP NASI KANDAR for this penang round!

HIVE will be sharing deals, and also opening up our marketplace to everyone so they can purchase their TEVO consumer products easier, faster and original. For our HIVE merchant partners. They will soon be able to purchase their stock for their shops directly thru the app and the HIVE web store. Sounds cool? WE THINK IT IS AWESOME just look at those packaging!

Stay tuned to more news about our partnerships as we are going LIVE AND LOUD!

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