Hive x Kitafund: Flood Support Donations for Car Detailing

Updated: Jan 11

Due to the recent tragedy, tens and thousands of vehicles were damaged with water and mud. Hive started this initiative to raise funds to help flood victims to receive car detailing services.

More than 50,000 cars were damaged due to flood water and mud. The estimated repair cost is around RM10,000 to RM20,000. Normally, a proper car wash is required before the car can be send to the mechanic or workshop for parts repairing. The cost of car restoration alone for flooded cars can cost up to RM5,000. This is devastating as flood victims have to worry about their belongings, furniture, property damage and etc. On top of that, most of us have not recovered fully from the economy downfall that Covid-19 has brought us.

Hive is Malaysia's first car detailing mobile application where we have 5 participating merchants (car detailing shops) with a goal to help as many flood cars as possible. Hive intend to help negotiate the car restoration price to below RM1000 and subsidize up to RM300 per car.

Therefore, we are aiming to raise RM10,000 via KitaFund to give subsidized car detailing services at our merchants' shops for those affected by the flood.

KitaFund is a platform where the public can help to crowdfund a campaign. Using KitaFund as the middleman helps to protect both parties' sensitive information and also to reduce the chances or fraud campaigns.

Any amount of donation is welcomed and much appreciated by us at Hive and those who will be receiving this relief. Please help us spread the word! Any amount of help even as simple as sharing this campaign is greatly appreciated.

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