HIVE X Art Of Speed

Looking for friends is one way to grow a wise old man once told us. So we decided to look for a friend. And thankfully our courting and dating finally snag us a good friend. In the form of Art of Speed. Now for HIVE we are not going to go around the bush especially when it comes to a group of car modders, americana lovers, big bike low riders, tattoo and art loving men and women of the art of speed community. We wanted customers whom love their cars and we can't find a better one with people whom are in love with things with engines.

Some pics of our early meetups > (dating)

After showing that we are legit and broke (we are still bootstrapping) they gave us the cholo nod to go to their car boot event happening tomorrow at SS15. YES HIVE is coming down and giving out those flyers. So please I BEG PLEASE Dont throw them away cause mahal tu bole beli makan satu minggu :( We also going to be giving out free car wash vouchers so if you are going or plan to go, find the poser cholos in this cap: ask them for that free carwash homie.

HIVE App will be at the car boot sale tomorrow so do come by.

Also for the HIVERS... pls watch this video need to look legit for tomorrow.

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