HIVE Loyalty Program

Part of perks of booking your car washes with Hive is that your fifth wash will always be on us. There is no extra signup or fee required to be part of this loyalty program. There is also no expiration dates on the stamp so don't worry about having to chase the timeline to get your free wash. The free wash cannot be exchanged for cash.

In case you are wondering, can this free wash be used at any of our merchant? Yes, it can as long as it is booked and paid using the Hive app. However, do note that should your car require additional services such as polishing, that will not be covered under the free wash.

What if I have multiple cars registered? Are the stamps exclusive to the car? Don't worry, it is not. The stamps are cumulative so you can go ahead and register all your family members' cars and collect the stamps.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and book your car washes now! :)

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