We tried something new and exciting to reach the Klang Valley peeps last weekend and we went on ground promoting our awesome (based on facts, not me) Hive application !

BTW, if you haven't downloaded our based on facts, awesome apps after reading this blog, the next time you order satay, it's going to be overly burnt... Kidding :P

Our objective of this on ground campaign was to give out flyers creating awareness about Hive App and promoting the 30% off discount to users. We're very happy that we got such great reactions and feedbacks from you guys. We helped so many new users with downloading the apps and using the promocode. It was a successful weekend for us ! *victory dance*

Even though we got mostly positive reactions, it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows. Adele said it best "go eaaaassssyyyy on me babyyyy". That's what I was thinking before approaching strangers and introducing them to Hive app. Let's not talk about the real life blueticks I got, rejection only leads to success, am I right ?

Hivers can use the promocode "RM5HIVE" to claim their discount for washes at our selected merchants.

All in all, we had a good weekend and it was important for us to do this so we can understand more of what the users want and there fore we get to improve and do better from our end. Not only that, we get the chance to engage with our merchants too. Doing this campaign helped me understand more about the car detailing industry and Hive is truly doing something amazing helping the local businesses get digitalized.

This is the new era, let's step up the game. Catch Hive roving around on ground !

If you haven't already, click here to download the app.

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