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It has been a turbulent 2 years for everyone.

With everyone trying to weather COVID-19 out the best they can. For HIVE we were planning to use this MCO3 to recruit new full time staff, build the app and add new functions, and prepare our big push. While we were doing this we realize we had to step up to assist our detailers who can't afford to wait it out anymore. And with that we got working to bring you savings while helping to keep their businesses afloat.

We had to step up. We must step up. Detailers are mostly daily paid rather than monthly paid meaning they earn their keep daily. With shops close and barely open since the last MCO2 it has truly put them in a tough spot. But here was where we can step in. HIVE App is more than just selling services. We sell dreams and ambitions, as an ecosystem we also provide the talents and the skills to young people to take up detailing as a viable non gig economy career. With this challenge from COVID we need to show this young talents that there is an industry worth their passion and hardwork.

Even a local news outlet pick this up which you can read here: (click the article below)

Click the picture to open the article

As a startup that aspires to be the aggregator for the car care industry we had to make sure we took care of our detailers. And this is why we decided to run this buy now, use later program. From today onwards till the 8th of July We will be giving up to 50% off on all services in the HIVE App. That is right save money and save someone's job today with your support.

Our goal for this project is to target RM700,000 worth of purchases for the 70 merchants under HIVE. This amounts to RM10,000 per merchant to survive this unprecedented times, giving them a breather when most doors are shut. Our detailers dont want charity they want work. And we hope you can support this detailing entrepreneurs in anyway you can from a carwash to that coating you have been planning for now is the time and even save some money while helping out.

To keep them afloat HIVE has cut their commission equal to the discount the merchants are offering, and we will send our detailers 30% of the purchases to keep them afloat till the date of your booking. And releasing the balance 70% once service is complete.

In the case the detailer has closed down. HIVE offers customers the option of going to another detailer of equal service, or refund your money back to you. To start booking: Follow this steps here:

  1. Download the HIVE APP (link here)

  2. Create an account

  3. Book any service from any of our 70 partner merchants in KL, Selangor, Seremban, Melaka and Johor

  4. For the date you can key in your preferred date. If MCO still is running you can change your booking dates for FREE.


Q - How do I download the app?

A - Download it here:

Q - Is there an expiry date to your bookings?

A - No expiry to your bookings

Q - Where to find the services that are on discount?

A - In the app when you make a booking you can view all the detailers nearby you and can see the discounts offered and services that they are giving.

Q - Where is this available?

A - Have has 70 partner merchants in KL, Selangor, Seremban, Melaka and Johor.

Q - What happens if the detailer you pick closes down?

A - We will offer a similar detailer offering the same services and value OR we can refund you the total.

Q - How much are we giving the detailer?

A - We will give 30% of the total of your booking as an advance to the detailers within 2 working days of your booking. The balance 70% will be given upon completion of the service.

Q - I am a detailer how do I join?

A - Click this link here to bring you to the merchant page

Much Love from the HIVE team #kitajagakita

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