Flood: Do's and Don'ts

Updated: Dec 24, 2021

As the monsoon approach, this is one of the worst flood that Malaysia has experienced. With the water level rising above dangerous levels, we plead that everyone do their part in making sure that we survive through this flood together.

What to do during a flood?

Evacuate if needed

If your area has started to flood, please contact respective authorities to begin an evacuation process immediately! It is much safer, easier and faster to evacuate everyone when water levels have yet to rise above dangerous levels.

Move to higher grounds

If you are waiting to be rescued or come across flood, move to higher grounds where it is much safer and wait for authorities to arrive.

Stay where you are and call 999

If you are stranded outside or stuck in your home, please stay where you are and call 999. DO NOT take risks to brave through moving waters.

What NOT to do during a flood?

Don't drive through waters

One feet of water is enough to sweep your car away, making it extremely hazardous to drive through the waters.

Don't walk or swim through waters

You never know what's in the waters. Water level may be deeper than what you can see. If the water has current, that can pull you away and drown you.

Don't go out if not needed

Cancel whatever plan you have such as outings or shopping, those can wait until it is safe to go out again. Even though water have not risen when you go out, there's no telling if it's safe by the time you want to come back.

We here at HIVE urge everyone to place their safety as the top priority now.

Here are some hotlines if you require any assistance:

• 国家灾难指挥中心 / National Disaster Command Centre (NDCC) Hotline:


• 公共工程局天灾应对行动室 / Bilik Gerakan Bencana JKR Malaysia Hotline:


• 雪州灾难管理单位 / Selangor Disaster Management Unit:



Local Government

• 巴生市议会 / Klang City Council:


• 沙阿南市议会 / Shah Alam City Council:


• 瓜拉冷岳市议会 / Kuala Langat City Council:



Healthcare & Welfare

• Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital:


• 巴生县卫生局 / Klang Health District Office:


• 巴生社会福利部 / Welfare Department Klang District:



Rescue Teams

• 巴生南区警区 / PDRM Klang Selatan:


• 巴生北区警区 / PDRM Klang Utara:


• 巴生县民防部队 / Civil Defence Force Klang District:



Assistance for Construction

• 巴生公共工程局 / Works Department Klang District :


• 雪州公共工程局天灾行动室 / BiGBen JKR Selangor :

+60355459800 ext2212

• 雪州水利灌溉局 / Selangor Drainage and Irrigation Department:


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