Calling On Those Happening People

HIVE is giving out some free car wash to those "most likely to get their car dirty" aka the Subaru Forester Club members. All you need to do is download the app, look for the nearest detailer and redeem the voucher code: HIVEAPPASIA and you will get your free carwash on us at HIVE. While not necessary we do recommend that your car should look like this:

so we can get it looking like this: All shiny and chrome:

We know you guys n gals are a tough crowd to please, and your car is more valuable than your first born... so we made sure that we allocated something for you with the hope you will keep using the app (hey we using asb money here to pay for your carwash in an uncertain economic outlook) not the smartest idea... but we at hive are dreamers.

Do give our app a try via this link: and we HOPE that you like the app and keep using it, and since we know you peeps love to reach the limit of your cars potential with mother nature... we have this: deal buy 4 washes (at any detailer in our list and get the 5th one free) YES FREE ON US.

(Money we pretending to throw)

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