Benefits of Washing Your Car Regularly

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

Car care doesn't just stop at taking your car to the workshop for monthly maintenance. Having a clean car is one of the basic form of car care that shouldn't be neglected or taken lightly. A little can go a long way.

Protects Your Car Paint

Dirt, grime, bird poop and oil can build up on your car and corrode your paint if you leave if untreated for long enough. After it has eaten away all your paint, it will start to chip and rust the metal body of your car. Kind of like how plaque eats away your enamel and cause cavities in your teeth.

Isn't it bit harder to see out of a dirty windshield?

Clean Car = Safer Driving

Dirty windows, side mirror or windshield, even the small amount, can limit your vision. Sometimes, just cleaning it with the wiper fluid won't be enough. You might still get dust streaks on your windshield. So, if you notice any dirt on your windshield, side mirrors or any screen, do wipe them off and stay safe on the road.

Maintain the Resell Value

If you plan on selling your car in the next few years, then it is important to maintain the appearance. Corroded paint and rusted metal body will decrease its resell value and may cost a lot to repair. You can protect your car paint and appearance by sending it to the car wash frequently.


Let's be honest, it feels better to be driving a clean, shiny and polished car. Just imagine, you in a nice outfit, stepping out of a shiny car, ain't that nice? Your passengers will be impressed and feel good too. Think of it like how you clean your house before having guest over.

Prevent Illnesses

On the exterior of your car, dirt, grime, bird droppings and all of that sort can stick to your car. They carry germs and can transfer to your hand when you touch the car for example, opening the door. You then carry these germs inside your car when you touch the steering wheel and etc. On the inside of your car, never throw and keep the trashes. Throw them out as soon as possible. These trash may lead to mold growth and pest infestation! And breathing in mold spores is an extreme red flag to your health.


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